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Tim McKew

‘Come Down With Us’

A homage to the 1979 Tolarno Cabarets, with a touch of DADA!

Thursday 28 and Friday 29 January, 2016 at 7 pm.

63 Johnston Street, Fitzroy
Victoria, Australia.
Tel (03) 9495 6589

‘They are an endangered species these chameleons, the Paul
Hogans, the Barry Humphries and the Tim McKews of this world!’
– Rennie Ellis Pol Magazine.

: http://www.trybooking.com/JUNJ

Supported by the City of Yarra. As part of 2016 Word is Out for Midsumma Festival

Please click here to hear my Radio National interview from November 2014.

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High Tea With Noël Coward – 2013

Tim Mckew as Noël Coward at
The Melbourne Town Hall

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To celebrate the 175th Anniversary of the Theatre Royal, Hobart, Tasmania, we invite you to join us for “A Night of Stars” on Saturday 21 April 2012 at 7pm.

Your attendance will support disadvantaged children, giving them access to the joy and inspiration of great performances during 2012. The evening’s concert will be hosted by one of Australia’s best known entertainers Garry McDonald. Other artists donating their time and talent include: members of the Australian Ballet Company, Col Joye, Tim McKew, Max Bladel, Claire Dawson, William Dowd, ExitLeft, Peter Gee, Ryk Goddard, Maddi Hart, Guy Hooper, Adam Jose, Con Koukias and IHOS Opera, Jane Longhurst, Maria Lurighi, Mark Morgan, Aaron Powell leading a first-class live band, Craig Wellington, John X, Carmen Young and the list goes on…

Afternoon Tea with Noël Coward
The Windsor Hotel, Melbourne

A charity event for
Cottage by The Sea, Queenscliff.
Cottage by the Sea is a non-profit charity fundraising organisation
helping children and families in need.
Nov/Dec 2009

'' Wonderful work, Tim Mckew brings Noël Coward back to life !!'' Richard Bonynge
Absolutely Delightful !! '' - Dame Elisabeth Murdoch


At the glorious Butterfly Club in 2012

High Tea at The NGV & Afternoon Tea at The Hotel Windsor, 2009/2010.

High Tea at The Gables, Malvern 2013.

Welcome to the Tim McKew and Noël Coward website.
Its simply smashing that you've made it here! My website features many treats, including my latest cabaret show about the life of Noël Coward - "Tim McKew toasts Noël Coward". There are press highlights from my various shows, both from here and abroad, and recent press about my divine Noël Coward show, lots of fabulous photos to see and marvellous recent footage from my Noël Coward season at The Incinerator Arts Complex, which I performed during the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia.
You can download sample songs from my debut cd 'Lazarus' and recently launched 'Tim McKew At The Sands' and get the latest updates on where Noël Coward will be performing next, here in Australia and abroad.

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