Tim McKew - My name is Tim McKew and welcome to my website. I am a singer and Australian cabaret performer .

My career started on television when I was a child at the age of ten on an Australian musical variety show called "Brian and the Juniors". I was the one with the beautiful voice who couldn't stop frowning,

I am much less serious as an adult! I used to sing with Debra Byrne and Jamie Redfern, but I took the road less travelled, the world of the cabaret became my stage, entre!

Tim McKew is an Australian cabaret legend, who has been performing here in Australia and internationally for many years with critical acclaim, performing in London's Piccadilly Circus, and in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Amsterdam and Shanghai.

Tim McKew is one of the vanguard of artists from the mid 70's who pioneered contemporary cabaret here in Melbourne and Australia and took it to the world.

As a young adult he started performing in Melbourne with Louis Nowra and Sarah Dejong, then collaborated with the brillant pianist David Evans, presenting European styled cabaret of haunting ballads and social satire, offering a humorous dig at the social and political climate of the day and a reprimand to bad fashion. Much of Tim McKew's repertoire is original, but has also included the works of such artists as Cole Porter, Gerswhin, Kurt Weill, Piaf and Noël Coward, to name a few.
He is also a respected jazz singer and works with some of Melbourne's best musicians, performing at weddings, corporate events, private parties and festivals, which can range from a duo to a big band depending on the clients' needs.
Tim McKew's current show is a tribute to the great Noël Coward 'About Noël Coward'.

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Noël Coward -
Noël Peirce Coward was born on the 16th December 1899,
in Teddington, England.Noël Coward has been called the Renaissance man of the 20th Century .As Destinys Tot, he emerged to become one of the greatest and most prolific artists of his age, a playwright,performer,singer,actor,composer and lyricist.
He was a man of extraordinary wit and elegance who set the standard of his age. His creative output was staggering, producing dozens of plays, revues, musicals and operettas and writing hundreds songs both lyrical and satiric.
Noël was a child prodigy and at ten made his stage debut in the children's play 'The Goldfish', where he played an enchanting 'Prince Mussel'. Noë performed consistently through his teens. In his early 20's, he was rocketed to instant fame and fortune with his scandalous play 'The Vortex', about a drug addict son and his nymphomaniac mother.
By 1925 he had five plays running simultaneously in London. The 1920's and 1930's were his golden years with success on both sides of the Atlantic in London and New York, 'Easy Virtue','Private Lives' with Gertrude Lawrence, 'This Year of Grace' with Beatrice Lillie, the historic pageant 'Cavalcade', 'Words and Music' and 'Tonight at 8.30', to name a few.
The war years include, 'This Happy Breed', 'Up and Doing' and 'Blithe Spirit'. One of the most significant contributions Coward made during the war years was with his extraordinary patriotic film 'In Which We Serve' and with his concert tours of the allied troop camps, which boosted morale greatly.Noël made many films during his career, which also include, 'Brief Encounter', 'The Astonished Heart', 'Blithe Spirit' and 'Boom' to name but a few. The 'Masters' career continued through the 40's, 50's and 60's, including his famous cabaret seasons in London, Las Vegas and New York.
Sir Noël Coward died in his beloved Jamaica on the 26th of March 1973. His plays and musical revues are continually performed around the world to this day!

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