by NoŽl Coward

'I can take any amount of criticism so long as it is unqualified praise!' - NoŽl Coward

'I dont swear any more i just say Zsa Zsa Gabor' - NoŽl Coward ( or could that be Paris Hilton).

'I am convinced of one thing, television is for appearing on, not looking at!'

'America is the Nescafé society'.

'Wit ought to be a glorious treat, like caviar, never spread it about like marmalade'

'The only way to enjoy life is to work. Work is much more fun than fun.'

A candy-striped jeep, Habe Austen, Cassius Clay, The Times before it changed, Danny La Rue, Charleston in Sth. Carolina, 'Monsieur' de Givenchy, a zebra (but not a zebra crossing), evading boredom, Gertrude Laurence, the Paris Opera House, white, a seagull, a Brixham trawler, Margot Fonteyne, any Cole Porter song, English pageantry, Marlene's voice ...and Lingfield has a tiny bit.

I'm an opera boy, you know. Not a tremendous Wagnerian on account of getting fidgety, but I love Verdi and Donizetti and all those buxom prima donnas and all the carry-ons and the rows and refusing to take curtain-calls. I love it!

Interviewed one day in the Oliver Messel Suite at the Dorchester Suite
'All this' - and he gazed around at the opulence - 'is terribly exotic, but it is not me. Still, I shall try to rise above it.'

Critics never worry me unless they are right - but that does not occur often.

The higher the buildings ,the lower the morals.

Water is necessary for life, but the martini is necessary for a life worth living.

Die I thought I'd laugh.

I have a memory like an Elephant, in fact Elephants often consult me.

I've gone through life first class and occasionally second, but never third.

Time has convinced me of one thing, television is for appearing on, not for looking at.

Two things should have been cut from that play, the second act and that childs throat.

I thought my heart was too jagged with sophistication to fall in love again.

Two of the most beautiful things in the world are my mind and Ivor Novellos profile. Wit ought to be a glorious treat like caviar, never spread it around like marmalade. Work is much more fun than fun.

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