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The Opera Boys Review - click for pdf file   

"- - - only Mad Dogs and the brilliant Tim Mckew , would dare go ' out' , with such style and class in the Australian cabaret". - The Sun

"Bravo! , Superb!" - The Opera Boys.

"C’est Magnifique! Bravo!" - The Opera Boys.
"Australia's boy denied Tim McKew, grows up to become the quintessential Noël Coward. - The Opera Boys

"Enfant terrible of the theatrical underworld" - Australian Vogue.
"McKew is stunning" - Shanghai Night Life

‘... crooner smoothness and grace meets obtuse nuttiness’ - Beat

' ... McKew is a polished singer and songwriter, consistently entertaining’
- Jim Murphy, The Age.

Byline: Jim Murphy
Music review: Lazarus - Cardiac Cabaret
Tim McKew, vocal, & his Jazz Combo (Middle Eight Music) ***˝
Tim McKew runs the gamut from kiddie singer to double heart bypass on his debut CD. In an audio clip from Channel Seven's Brian and the Juniors, 10-year-old Timmy, introduced by Brian Naylor, sings every boy soprano's party piece, Bobby Breen's Rainbow on the River. And in Lazarus, the postoperative McKew celebrates his February 2000 heart attack in a swinging blues. ''It felt like a sh-h-h-hark attack,'' he sings, and the backing singers respond: ''And no, it didn't kill him.'' Talk about putting life experiences into your art! McKew's choice of subjects is anything but conventional. Diana (sic) the Huntress is a heartfelt eulogy to the late Princess of Wales, whom he paints as a victim of the fame game; Waterloo Bridge is inspired by the movie (''Vivien Leigh, Don't Cry for Me''); La Paranoia is a funny parody about schizophrenia; and Grey Jelly Day belies its title by being the most exuberant track. A polished singer and songwriter, McKew is consistently entertaining. Caption: Photo ------------------------------ Publication: The Age Publication date: 6-2-2003 Edition: Page no: 8 Section: Green Guide Sub section: Livewire

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